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Originally Posted by SykoRevan
(on a side note, am I the only one annoyed by the fact that Nihilus' name is never said in the game?).
They did that for effect, making it a discription of the character more so than his name. But that's what Darth titles are, they all have a meaning in relation to the person. Although Darth itself means "Dark Warrior". As for the word Nihilus it has more than one slightly different meaning -

1. Nothingness or Nonexistance - "Consumed by hunger"
2. Death of the self and/or of the consciousness - "He has forgotten his own flesh"
3. Total and absolute destructiveness - "As my feet walk from the ashes of Katarr"
4. The denial of all real existance - "All life.. exists to feed your power.."

So all relate to him as you can see. Hope I have just told someone this that didn't already know lol!!


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