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Narthen noticed Damien slipping into the lift, and shook his head. "Come back," he said. "We really can't have you wandering off by yourself, you might get hurt or something."

"Enough," Diath said firmly. "This has obviously set most of us on edge. I suggest we leave, get some decent rest if possible, and reconvene tomorrow at the same time. Unless someone has any further questions or comments? Daeragh, Disil, Tara, I'm sure the others can fill you in on what has transpired so far."

((Okay, Damien, if you want to mention your flash of insight, you can do it either now or later. Thanks to your uncanny ability, one party will be going to Fego. San'kra will have one of those annoying Jedi dreams, and he'll be leading another party to Lau. This also gives us a reason to bring in Count Verilicus, since we'll be needing a new ship.))

There's a bit of the shadowy side in all of us.

Except those freakazoid Jedi nutcases.
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