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One (as in life)

Tried something new last week--to win the campaign maps with one trooper. So my self imposed rules are:
a. if you die, you must restart the level (even if it is after VICTORY is declared)
b. can't use any special characters (heroes)
c. can't use any cheats (but I am playing in the "normal" mode)
Obviously, there is still a certain amount of luck involved, but it's a fun challenge to play like you only have one life to live. It's really forced me to not only put some good thought into the strategy of winning the map, but also the tactics of using each clone trooper type.

I'm on Kashyyyk planetside right now. I haven't kept track of how many tries it took me per level, but am doing it more for the challenge. It's kinda neat to see the medals my character is getting (and the 0 in the death column ).

My original goal was a bit more have one guy make it through every map and have to restart from the very beginning of the campaign if I died. Perhaps once I get *really* good at this game (ok, and really lucky).

I really enjoy the Strategy forum for picking up tips and such--it has been invaluable so far during my quest.

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