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Tien smiled at the two Pharazians, but Janalia managed only a weak grin. "So, Ciyagi, who is your compatriot?" Tien asked as he initiated a handshake in Umbar's direction. "Mr. Tekla and ourselves were about to seek out Mr. Tylor. I believe he is in charge of our team and the Olympian ship the Hercules."

He nudged Janalia with his elbow, indicating to her to shake hands with their new team members. Janalia sighed softly, but instead of extending her hand to Umbar, she bowed her head courteously to both Pharazians in turn. "Nice to see you again, Ciyagi." She managed a weak smile. "Who knew we would be assigned to the same team," she said, although her tone was slightly disingenuous.

Tien frowned at his companion. "Please forgive Miss Ngyen's stoicness. She hasn't been feeling well of late." He lowered his voice. "A bit space sick," he said conspiratorially to Umbar. "But I'm sure it will pass in time."

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