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While I'll have to dig in my mind for how many times I used the walkthrough, but the last one I remember was for the stupidest thing. I was stuck trying to figure out how to go into the dark areas of the sewers on the 4th year until I looked at the walkthrough and learned I had to grind somebody's bones to find a trail. Then I thought "how the hell can i grind anything?" Yeah, my initial thought was to use the ice grinder, but it always pissed me off because I couldn't pick it up. It was only until I looked at the control menu of the game and remembered "U" is for using objects and "P" is for picking them up.

This pissed me off soooo much. Throughout the entire game all I used was U because it both used AND picked up objects. I could have gotten through that section without a walkthrough if the game designers just reserved picking up things to the button P. BAHH!

well, I'll be back for more stories.
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