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That first line I wrote was intentionally. I know that it doesn't make grammatical sense but it has its purpose. I was trying to convey the idea that Avalonians in general take things as they come. They hardly ever worry about the future in terms of individuals and things like that. A lot of the phrases and sentences I use are intentional mainly because I find that it brings out the personality of the individual people. Kirabaros himself likes to speak in riddles but he can be serious and takes it in a lighthearted manner. That doesn't mean that he is heartless.

As to the second error thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes I type so fast that I tend to tack on an extra letter when there shouldn't be one or rearrange the letters into a word that doesn't make sense. I am glad that you liked it and I am almost done with 42 so look for it within the next few days. This one I really went introspective on.

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