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Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
At the moment, I have started to listen to some German-type of music. But, I am sure that many of you guys have heard of them.

Rammstein is what I am primarily listening too. A pal of mine hooked me up with a bunch of his songs. About 30. And I've been listening to it very often. The songs that I have a favouritism towards are
  • Zwitter ("Hermaphrodite")
  • Sonne ("Sun")
  • Feuer Frei! ("Fire at will!" or "Open fire!", literally "Fire freely!")
  • Mein Teil ("My part")
  • Benzin ("Petrol" or "Gasoline")
  • Reise, Reise ("Arise, Arise" or "Journey, journey")
  • Der Meister ("The master")
  • Keine Lust ("No desire" or "Don't feel like it")
  • Stein Um Stein ("Stone by stone")
Hell, I love Rammstein too.

My favourites are "Du Hast", "Amerika", "Moskau", "Mein Teil", "Mutter" and "Rammstein" but my favourite is "Reise, Reise". "Tier" and "Morgenstern" are good, too.

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