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San'kra placed the holocron back on the Table and bowed at the Chanellor. "I shall return tomorrow."

He left the room and took the elevator down to the bottom, on passing the gaurd he noticed it wasn't the same as the one before but that did not matter to him.

After a breif journey he arrived at the Temple and went strait to his assigned sleeping quarters. Like most jedi his room was plain with no possessions other than his Sabre and three sets of robes. He lied down on the bed and quickly fell to sleep.

The Jedi found himself standing in the middle of a burnt out forest, every tree was without life, black and chared. The floor he stood on was dry and cracked, So spoiled no life would ever grow their again.

San'kra looked up to a tall black tower, he senced pure evil resided their and the darkest Side of the force. They floor beneth him began to tremble and shake, the tower began to tumble and fall apart.

Suddenly he found himself being lifted into the sky and out of the Atmosphere. He saw that he was standing on a large island on a planet made of water. He moved backwards away from the planet rapidly gaining speed untill he found himself back on coruscant looking out at a star that seemed to burn brighter than the rest.

"Lau." A voice wispured all around him.
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