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Janalia felt a smile coming. She nudged Tien, and then nodded over to where Patrick stood. "I like him," she said about Solidus. "He seems to be the type that understands that not everyone here is in the military."

Tien snorted softly. "Great," he replied, with a sardonic grin upturning the corners of his mouth. "Perhaps he's also the type that will 'understand' your space sickness and elitist attitudes."

Janalia elbowed him. Switching to Chinese, she said, "Well, I'm sure he's not the type to barge into the ladies' room to tell me to hurry up."

Tien chuckled, deciding to ignore Janalia for the moment. "Gentlemen?" he asked the Pharazians and the Havenite, as he politely waved them forward with his arm. "Shall we proceed to the Humpback shuttle as requested?"

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