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"See?" Tien whispered to Janalia as they lagged behind the others on their way to the shuttlebay. "That's being diplomatic," he said in regards to Tekla's offer to Ciyagi.

Janalia's eye brow raised. "Well," she replied in Chinese, "I'm not a diplomat. I'm a scientific researcher."

"Research 'assistant'," Tien gleefully corrected her. "You could learn a lot from him," he said to her on a more serious note. "This mission is important, and petty elitist views aren't going to help any."

"Petty?" Janalia said incredulously, though still speaking in Chinese. "You're a Patrician, just like I am. Or, has all your time in the CIS made you sympathetic to the impurities that have afflicted the human race?" Her eyes narrowed suspiciously at him. "I never figured you for a Grafter sympathiser. Especially since you seemed so 'chummy' with Mr. Khan and the rest of the Darm."

Tien stopped, roughly grabbing hold of her arm to make her stop as well. "I am not a 'sympathiser'!" he said irritably to her in Chinese. "I still believe that everyone has their purpose and place in society. Grafters are labourers. That's their purpose. Patricians are leaders and caretakers. That's their purpose. And each of these people on our team also have a place and a purpose." He nodded to the two Pharazians and the Havenite walking ahead of them. "They are military men. Mutants, they may be, but they understand about 'chains of command' and 'purpose and duty' the same as I do. And it is my 'purpose and duty' to make sure that we co-operate with each other to accomplish this mission. And it is your 'duty' to do the same!

"You don't have to like them, but you do have a 'duty' to be cordial, polite, and professional during this mission! And," he added, "it's very impolite not to speak in the common tongue in front of others." His steely gaze staring right through her and he switched back to English. ((OOC: or whatever our common tongue is. :P)) "Or don't speak at all."

He released her arm, obviously irritated with her. "C'mon," he said, picking up his pace to catch up the others. "We don't want to be late."

Janalia stood there for a moment, shocked that she had been chastised in such a way. No one had ever spoken to her in that fashion, and she was at a loss at how to respond. After a brief moment of contemplation, she jogged to catch up with him, and the two walked in silence behind their three companions.

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