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Zelly got all of the stuff out of her dressy shirt and swore a few times. She was unaware of the things happening outside, until Psycho knocked on the door.

Psycho: Zell, get out here NOW!!! Ave's been stabbed.
Zelly: WHAT?!?

She ran out, nearly knocking him over, and ran to the sworm of kids. She saw Ave there, motionless and on the verge of death.

Zelly: Ave, Ave!!! *turns to Luke* WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!

He explained, Zelly looking about to cry. It was her fault she was hurt.

Zelly: So, it's my fault.......... Psycho, stay here.
She ran off to her room, grabbing her purse, and a sharpened pocket knife. Then, before leaving, she called Psycho.

Zelly: I'm going to find Dark. I'm settling this, once and for all.
Psycho: Zell, don't. If you do what I think your doing, your gonna regret it.
Zelly: Sorry. Bye.

She hung up, left out the back door of the school, a knife in hand and pissed.

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