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Lex circled the garden with her flute out in front of her like a bat, swinging it whenever she felt a gust of wind rush past her. A sharp twang of metal told her that someone had removed the knife from the tree.
"Come on. Face me, you coward!" Lex cried to the night." You've done enough damage to us all! I'm sick and tired of you harassing my friends! It's time you paid the price!" Lex lunged out with her instrument in her hand and heard it make contact with something squishy. Dark squealed and pulled away from the weapon.
"Dirty little slut!" Dark hissed from the other side of the bench." You and your little friends have been nothing but trouble for me. I used to have everything, but you weasels are ruinning it all!"
"Everything is nothing if you don't have a brain." Lex retorted. Dark shrieked and shot at her with her knife in front of her. Lex used her flute to throw her off. Dark lost her balance and fell back. The knife dropped from her hand as Lex walked up to Dark. She put her foot on her throat and looked into those evil eyes.

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