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NWN2 FindRefs Utility & Gff editor

Download NWN2 FindRefs Utility v1.4
Download NWN2GFF v1.2.2

(note: you'll need to click the links rather than trying to paste the URLs into your browser)

NWN2 FindRefs Utility: For those of you enjoying Neverwinter Nights 2 but not the NWN2 Toolset's lack of search functions, feel free to try out this utility.

Those of you familiar with modding KotOR may notice the similarities to KotOR FindRefs.. There are some behavioral differences though:

- You can search the modules, data, or campaigns folder (the latter is searched recursively)
- You can select to search the TLK file itself for entries
- If you enter a number in the search field and uncheck the "Allow Partial Matches" box, it will be treated as a TLK reference. You can force it to be searched as a string by checking the "Allow Partial Matches" box.
- Extracting multiple files will bring up a Browse For Folder dialog. Extracting a single file will bring up a Save As dialog (where you can rename the file).
- Checkboxes and radio buttons enable/disable sections of the search criteria in what I hope is an intuitive manner.

NWN2GFF: A GFF Editor based on K-GFF. The main difference here is that NWN2GFF allows up to 32 characters for resource names (ResRefs).
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