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Zelly found Lex on Dark's neck. She ignored Lex, told her to move, and pushed Dark up by the tree.

Zelly pulled her knife out, opening it up.

Dark: W-what?

Zelly: You have five seconds of life left. Four. Three.
Zelly was serious. She put then knife on Darks tan neck, causing a drop of blood to fall from her.

Dark: Y-you wouldn't. *pulls out weapon*
Zelly: Two.
Dark: You w-won't
Zelly: One
Dark: Yo-

Zelly slashed the knife across her neck, blood gushing out of the neck. She let go, walking away when something sharp hit her in the back of her ribcage. She turned around to see Dark had thrown her knife at Zelly. Blood trinckeled down her back as she felt light-headed.

Zelly: Bitch.

She colasped on the ground, flipping Dark off.

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