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Originally Posted by tk102
Um, well, no. If I remember correctly, hakpaks are ERF-formatted files with a .hak extension. Would they be in the override folder or the campaigns folder?

And custom TLK files... ... just goes to show how newbie I am in relation to the NWN modding scene.
Hakpaks go in the "hak" folder (within the game folder or my documents\gamefolder) and are referenced by the hak-list field swithin a module.ifo file of a module. They are repositories for custom content (models, textures, 2DA's etc) that's unique to the modules using that hakpak. Hakpaks should be ERF files unless they've changed how they work from NWN1 (haven't checked the formats yet).

Custom TLK files are also associated to a module and contain all StrRefs above a certain threshold (I can't remember which right now). They reside within the "tlk" folder (either in the game folder on in the My Documents + game folder).

(Unrelated but, how about a version of K-GFF that works with NWN2? )

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