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"Damn you Dark. You took my powers and you do this. Well, you may have taken my Bankai, but let me show you the true power of the Psychochaos family. YinYan BLADEs!!" said Psycho as 13 strangely shaped swords started to float around him. 6 of them black. 6 of them white. One was silver. they all spun around Psycho and he said "Curse of the abyss"

The swords circled around Dark as she disappeared nto the ground.

"She'll only be gone for 2 weeks, until then, gain the powers to obtain your revenge, but first, we have to get Zelda to the academy Hospital wing. Darth's there too." said Psycho to Lex as he picked Zelda up and took her to the hospital wing.

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