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Jennifer Nelson remained qiet and turned to the others who had came from Apex. "You know what is expected of you from our goverment." She then turned and saw some of the people in the group leaving. "and i know whati must do."
((OCC for group two i'll get things moving along.))

The apex vessel and the piranha had been moved to the same spaceport at the olympia spaceport connectd to the embassy building. Jamie was by the Piranha running the Pre-flight checks along with a couple of technicians. Michael sat in the office of his ex-wife looking at the Olympia and ashoka representatives.

"Well that explains why i'm here." Michael replied to the representatives.

"Look we didn't want it to come to this but Apex cannot be trusted." Garajaminder Khan said.

"The fact i'm your Ex wife gives us a good excuse for you to be here." Talia said.

"Well i'm here now, and its an order so i'll do it."
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