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(Marcel's still there? Sweet! Youda though he'd have to leave with the rest of production.)

Ave lay there, random beeps and stuff went off. A radio was playing in the background. Everyone was silently looking at her. Her pulse was slow.

"What should we do?" Asked Luke, who was still in his tux from last night.
"Wait...I guess." Mayhem left the room to get a coffee or somthing.
Than, Ave's hand moved.

"SH*T! Ave??" Luke jumped right up at this. "OMG WAKE UP!"
There was a groan, than Ave opened her eyes. "Where the f*ck is my boyfriend?"
"AVE! Thank god!" Luke hugged her as she "Are you okay?"
"Yeah.."She said, scratching her stomach. "What happened?"
"You were stabbed by Dark."
"So....I've survived a stabbing. Sweet, I'm like Fiddy Cent."
The group laughed.
"Ilm just glad you're okay." There was a lot of yeahs and stuff from the group.
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