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Originally Posted by Master_Archon
Ciyagi turned in Janalia's direction, "y-you, don't s-seem to t-talk much...w-why's that?" He asked nervously ringing his bag of chips in his hands, with a cheesy but nervous smile on his face.
Janalia pressed her lips together, then glanced nervously at Tien. "Well...," she started, "I'm just not used to... strangers. This is the first time I've encountered any... one from outside Ashoka."

Tien nodded in silent approval of her answer. "I'm sure she'll be more talkative when she gets to know everyone a bit better," he said to Ciyagi. He grinned wryly. "Just keep talking to her."

At this Janalia's eyes flashed hotly in Tien's direction, but again, she remained politely silent. "I'm sorry," she said to Ciyagi, "but I just feel out of my element here." She glared at Tien. "Being surrounded by military people."

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