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Zelly limped over to Darth and smiled.

Zelly: So we both survived Dark stabbing us, huh?

Just then Rachel, Todd, Povie, Janiter, and the REAL Psycho2 walked in. Rachel and Psycho2 had grim looks on their faces.

Psycho2: Ms. Zelda, we're all very sorry to say, but you are going home.
Zelly: WHAT?!?
Rachel: Sis, your condition, the fact this school isn't safe. You're going home.
Zelly: No. I'm not going.

Psycho2 nodded. Todd and Povie grabbed her and strapped her in a wheelchair.
Zelly: WTF?!? I can walk sis. I'm fine.
Rachel: Sorry, sis, say goodbye.
Zelly: NO!

She kicked Todd in the shin and smashed Povie's foot. They swore, giving her time to unstrap her stuff, and run.

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