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Here's the first Chapter. It is set a month before the Prologue (All the Chapters are, until the Epilogue), as Malachor V is destroyed. It is a bit short, but I wanted to have TSL's ending in one of my Fics.

Chapter I - Escaping Malachor V

One month earlier

Kreia, Darth Traya, the Lord of Betrayal, fell to the floor. The duel was over and the Trayus Core was silent. Sera had defeated the one who had retrained her in the ways of the Force. Her master. One of Kreia’s only successful apprentices, after the one she had always loved. Revan. Sera stood alone in the Trayus Core, with Kreia’s lifeless body on the cold platform floor on which Sera stood. What would she do now? Would she wait for her friends to find her? Would she have to find a ship to leave Malachor V? Or would she do what Kreia intended to do? Wait for others to come to Malachor and then train them in the ways of the Force in the Trayus Academy. The silence was interrupted by a rumbling noise. It wasn’t the normal earthquakes and thunderstorms that Malachor normally had. No. This was a powerful earthquake, bringing the Trayus Core around Sera down. Rocks off the walls were collapsing and the bridge that led to the platform in the Trayus Core had been broken. The Mass Shadow Generator had been activated by the Remote. Sera was annoyed. She and the Remote’s owner, Bao-Dur had given strict orders to the Remote to activate it once Sera and her companions were off the planet. Now Sera knew that she would die along with Malachor. The platform was becoming smaller and smaller, parts of it eroding, before breaking apart from the rest of the platform. Sera could hear a rumbling noise, which had joined the noises of the corroding Malachor. It then came to Sera that the noise was familiar. It was the engines of the Ebon Hawk, her ship. Sera knew not to become relaxed. The Hawk might not be able to escape Malachor, if the Trayus Academy was caved in.

“Come on!” Bao-Dur shouted, almost falling off the boarding ramp.

Sera immediately ran towards the Hawk, leaping onto the boarding ramp, just as the last part of the platform collapsed. As Sera landed inside the ship, she felt her side, which had been hurting, since Sera’s battle with Kreia. Bao-Dur helped Sera up off the floor and took her through to the cockpit where Atton, Mira, Mical the Disciple and the Utility Droid, T3-M4 were in the cockpit. Sera and Bao-Dur joined them in the crowded cockpit.

“How much further Atton?” Mical asked, concerned for the fate of everyone in the Hawk, “We got to get out of here!”

“Shut up kid!” Atton shouted at him, “I’m trying to concentrate. I’d like to see you pilot this ship.”

The Hawk was forced off course, as the ship hit one of the floating rocks that surrounded the Trayus Academy.

“Atton what are you trying to do?” Mira asked angrily, “Are you trying to get us to crash into every rock?”

Atton sighed as he tried to concentrate on piloting the Hawk. He was about to loose his temper and everyone in the cockpit could tell.

“Look! Shut up!” Atton shouted, checking where they were about, before saying, “We’re about to leave Malachor. We’ll live another day.”

Sera sat in the co-pilot seat, still clutching onto her side.

“Well, that’s nice to know,” She told Atton, looking out, sensing Malachor’s destruction.

The echo in the Force had been destroyed. Sera hoped now that the echo wouldn’t harm anyone else in the galaxy. At least this time, the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator destroyed Malachor. Sera sighed, feeling grateful that Atton had managed to get them out of Malachor alive. She didn’t feel well though. The injury Kreia had given her hurt more than she previously thought. Atton turned to see Sera tired and breathing heavily.

“Are you alright?” Atton asked, putting the ship’s controls on autopilot.

Sera didn’t reply, since she didn’t have the strength. Atton left Sera alone in the cockpit and ran out. Sera wondered if he had gone to find someone to help. Sera’s insight had served her well and Atton soon returned to the cockpit, with Mical.

“She doesn’t look well,” Mical told Atton.

“You think?” Atton asked rudely, “We need to get her to the med bay.”

Without saying anything else, both Atton and Mical grabbed Sera and carried her to the medical bay. She felt hot and both of the two men knew that she needed medical attention straight away. When they reached the medical bay, Mical stayed in the medical bay with Sera. She would need to recover and they wouldn’t consider going anywhere, until Sera was better. Mical was the only person who would keep an eye on her. For now.

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