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Campaign: What to do next?

Me stuck (not really stuck, just confused) on early Campaign.
The orders to go to Yavin 4.
There's planets such as Honhgogh, Kessel, Kamino etc.
When send the defiler, cannot Spread Corruption since some requirements were missing or don't have yet (0/1, 1/1 0/1, 0/2 etc.)
Does that means that we need to do space or land battle?
Nal Hutta and Shola already corrupted, do we still need to do battle?
Since we need more piracy/bribal experience to get to Yavin.

When the planet is blue...can we use the description as guide?
Example: Intimidation (Land Tactical Battle) we need to battle even though
1st priority is corruption.

Guys, is it me or the game always freeze/hang when load,save or when a battle about to happens? rclxub.gif
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