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K-GFF v1.1.7 released

K-GFF v1.1.7 released
Added support for copying and pasting the Main Struct of a GFF file. This can be helpful if you want to do your GFF editing in a text editor.

To do this:
Select the main struct of the GFF (the node labeled "[STRUCT ID: -1]" ) and choose Edit: Copy Node or right-click and choose Copy STRUCT or simply press Ctrl+C.

Next you can paste into a WordPad or other text editor and perform your edits using the text editor's functions. Be careful not to corrupt the XML tags. When you're done copy the entire text into your clipboard (Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C usually does the trick). Open up K-GFF and choose File: New. Select the root node labeled "New GFF File" and right-click, choose Paste MAIN STRUCT or choose Edit: Paste Node, or simply press Ctrl+V.
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