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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Heh, lucky people those who have no work or school on snow days...why must I live in the middle of a big city that's used to snow and cold. ;_;
What Liayd said...we get snow all the time in winter but it is very rare that schools and other public places get closed because of this...last year we had a storm that left close to two feet of snow and I still had to go to work...but hey snow in SC, that's an event!

Anyway here's a pic I took two weeks ago while on a business trip to an Inuit village in the Canadian -51C (taken from inside a building because the camera would refuse to function outdoors and I didn't wanted to take off my mitts)...the next day we hit -60C:

(those who come from cold climates may be able to "see" that it was really cold from the way the smoke comes out from the chimneys and the fog it causes)
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