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Milla's music is almost certainly absent as it has the distinction of being the only music in the soundtrack that wasn't composed by Peter McConnell, although I have no idea who did it -- I think it was just contracted out to someone who specialises a bit more in that genre rather than the more traditional sound of McConnell.

As for downloading the soundtrack, while it's illegal to host them (if they were caught they were probably sent a Cease & Desist from the lawyers) you can easily rip them using the superb Psychonauts Explorer, which allows you to get every single sound from the game.

Although listening to the proper soundtrack CDs is best as the ripped music is cut up into bits and mixed together by the game later on depending on the action (this is most obvious in Basic Braining where more instruments appear in certain areas), you can get some key missing tracks like Milla's which as far as I remember is just one long track.

Of course, you can't get the cutscene music with Psychonauts Explorer as they mixed the sound effects, voices, etc directly into the music itself; you'll need the CD for that.

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