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Ah, Louisiana. We got snow once in my lifetime. I was really young, but just old enough to remember it... I don't know, I guess I was about six or seven years old. I don't remember much, only the excitement at seeing snow. heh

I do recall an ice patch that formed between our house and our next door neighbors'. I remember because I slipped on it a bunch of times.

Another time when I was very young, we went on vacation to Colorado. I think I can remember some of it, but it may just me because we had pictures of me at a Children's Ski school on the wall in our hall. Though, I seem to recall falling a lot...

Anyway, as far as this year goes, the coldest its been is about 32F. Thats cold as far as I'm concerned having lived in Louisiana all my life. Many of you would probably think its summer. heh

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