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I think you are all forgetting the possiblity of Force signiatures. Kreia after all talks about how she is able to see the footprint of Jedi that walked in the Crystal Cave, and how Jedi in the future can see their footprints in the Cyrstal Cave.

Jolee told that the real reason he followed Revan was to lure "the snake away from the town", to save it. Jolee recognized Revan as a snake, maybe the Sith Lord himself, and decided to join with him, to 'lead' him away from Kasshyyk and the other planets, and possibly try to redeem him.

I think Jolee was able to even predict his own death (if you go DS). After all, when the snake turned on the kid, the snake asks, "I lured you into a trap." The kid responded that "I thought I led you away from the town..."

That story of the kid and the snake explains a lot of why Jolee joined up with Revan...quite possibly as a way to end the Jedi Civil War as peneance for his crime of letting his wife live.

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