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Good call there, I didn't know the Patch Commander site was down.. I'll see about getting that fixed!

Oh and btw...

If you're looking for JK/MotS "Hacks" that bypass the checksum security to cheat in multiplayer, forget it.

There's tons of old and mostly dead sites out there that provide them, and again, they're mostly abused by kids who want to grief people. Don't be shocked if you get annoyed reactions from people when you ask for them.

Here, we don't encourage online cheating of any kind. If you want to screw around with your friends as you've agreed in your own private game, no problem. But you can't expect anymore help finding these "hax" here. Go find them on your own...

I'm not saying I don't trust you (like Rhett does), but there are some casual cheaters out there that still screw up people's games. That's not cool. So please keep it in your own personal game (or private server between your friends).

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