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Star Wars

The last known JEDI in the galaxy, SERA TANA has fallen to the DARK SIDE. The last hope, one of the only surviving Jedi and the JEDI EXILE has taken her new role in the galaxy. As a SITH LORD. She is now known as DARTH TRAYA, just as her master was once known under.

Now, Traya has killed all of her companions herself and the SITH ORDER has wiped out the remaining Jedi, including BASTILA SHAN. The SITH have begun their crusade to take over the galaxy, now that the REPUBLIC are in disarray and can no longer function properly. CARTH ONASI and other supporters of the Republic have been killed. Even old supporters of the Sith have been killed.

Many in the galaxy now serve under Traya and she couldn’t be any happier. However in the depths of the galaxy, somewhere in the UNKNOWN REGIONS, an unknown Sith Order has killed REVAN, which has made Traya angry, since she had plans for her former lover. They are in no way associated with Traya’s order. Nothing is known about this Sith Order, except that the former JEDI KNIGHT, who is now known as DARTH BA’AL is their leader. Now that another Sith Order is rising, a civil war of two Orders could collide and decide the fates of the entire galaxy…


Sera Tana, former Jedi and once known as the Jedi Exile, she sat meditating in the heart of Malachor V. The heart of the Trayus Academy. The Trayus Core. The one place that her previous master, Darth Traya had once meditated. Now, Sera was under the identity that Kreia had been under. Darth Traya. A Sith soldier walked towards Traya and knelt down on his right knee.

"Empress Tana, Darth Traya," The Sith solider began, "I'm afraid I have bad news."

Traya smiled, knowing that the news couldn't be that bad. The Sith had returned to the galaxy, the Jedi Order had been defeated and the Republic was in shambles.

"Speak," Traya replied with no emotion.

The Sith soldier cleared his throat, before speaking.

"I'm embarrased to say that Revan has been killed," The Sith soldier continued, "We have reason to believe it wasn't one of our own. We believe it was another Sith..."

"What?" Traya asked, the anger within her rising, "Revan is dead. This can't happen. We need him alive. If he is dead, then we have but one choice. We must find out who killed him and kill them. Don't fail me, General Sulam, or you'll suffer the consequences."

"Of... of course... Lord Traya," Sulam told Traya, "I'll get onto it right away."

Sulam left the Trayus Core, leaving Traya to return to her meditating.
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