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Lightbulb To pic up an item in Season 1?!

Originally Posted by itchythesamurai
Kloppstock, I'm just gonna speak for everyone on the S&M board and declare you to be the most coherent forum user we have. Congratulations.

The coherent Kloppstock is back and needs help ..this time i have started to play "Sam & Max situation comedy"
and now im stuck on only 2 things allready! and guess what! no walktrough can help me this time either

I cant' pic up things in this game!?..the cursed dog only coments equipment
when clicking on them, for example how do i pic up the "gas grenade launcher" when the director want Max to do a stunt..
no matter where i click on the screen, then the hag interuppt the performance and i must start all over
and what is most interesting..i have not even seen where the "gas grenade launcher" is placed anyway!!?

so now i want "Pasta master Gerbil" ore someone else to spoil this "grenade intermesso" by telling me everything please!

here is the odds, please place your bets

(and by the way where is Frog rock? )

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