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Originally Posted by igyman
I'm saying it's a hormonal disorder that can occur in puberty. I actually read this in a reliable book and I think it's plausible. I think the choice there is to accept it, or not.
I agree with this. Clearly homosexuality is not a choice, but being "born" gay might not be entirely correct either. However, I did vote for the born gay option, though on second thought, voting "none of the above" would have been better. *If a Mod could change my vote, I'd appreciate it.*

Really, I don't think that there's a "gay gene" any more than there is a gene to prefer Coke over Pepsi and vise versa. It's something that is developed. Probably, one's sexual preferences/tendancies develop during puberty. Meaning that when someone's born and before they hit puberty, they are essentially asexual... meaning they have no sexual drive. When puberty hits, hormones are going to determine if someone is straight, gay, bi, curious, or whatever else there is.
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