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Originally Posted by Grey Master
Land of Confusion-----Disturbed

This is one of my favorite rock bands, this song has a feel like it belongs from a video game, and its very nice to listen to.
Thanks for posting this info. I have heard this version of "Land of Confusion" quite a few times on the radio lately, but I didn't know who did it until now. Even though I like the original version by Genesis, I like the heavier edge that Disturbed gives the song.

Anyway, right now I am listening to.....

Me Against The World
by Lizzy Borden

The reason I like it so much is because it isn't a very hard song to play on the guitar and it is a great heavy metal anthem.

EDIT: about Metallica......I used to be a fan. I liked every album from Kill 'Em All through the Black Album. Then Load came out. I thought the title was short for "Load of S**t." I never cared for anything they did from that point on. However, I really began hating them so bad over that big tizzy they spearheaded over the original Napster. I think they lost a lot of fans over that. Even Motley Crue came out and called them hypocrites because in the beginning, Metallica gave away their music as a promotional tool to get themselves heard. They sold out, plain and simple. I don't even want to listen to their early songs now because of it.

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