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Originally Posted by edlib
All interesting theories...

However: I don't believe any of us will live to see any practical use made of them.

Every serious discussion I ever heard or read about the possibility of hyperspace travel always comes down to one main thing: We are easily decades, if not centuries, away from being able to generate the massive energies required to punch a hole in space-time, or even power the technologies capable of doing so.
I don't agree, I believe we are very close.
One main thing that stop all human progress is our strong dependency on money, if money was no issue we will probably colonizing the Milky Way right now.
As along as money determine our fate in the galaxy we will be stuck on this planet for 10,000s of years, never to leave until over population force us to leave.
By the way centuries ago we should already had explore the galaxy and set up a major human presence in Milky Way, if the Dark Ages never had happen.
The physics is there, money and laziness of our society only holds us back.

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