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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
I'd say that when a person's proclivity for tomatoes has an important impact on social policies,
Maybe I missed the memo explaining WHY what a person chooses to do consensually with themselves or another human being should be impacting social policy, or really be the concern of anyone at all.

I'm not reducing this issue to the level of personal taste in food because I think it will give my argument merit, I compare the two because there is no reason to assert that the choice between straight and gay or tomato or no tomato are significantly different. We are SO CONCERNED with sex, we give it this ridiculous importance above other personal choices/traits. It for some reason matters to us who is having sex, who they're having it with, HOW they're having sex, WHY they're having sex, and how OFTEN they have sex.

Apparently, if somebody isn't having the "right" kind of sex, there must be something wrong with them. They've got some defective genes, they had issues in their upbringing, they've a chemical imbalance perhaps. Really though, who cares? Why does this matter? These are rhetorical questions of course, because it seems that a great number of people really DO care. I find it absurd.

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