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ok first I found a program called dragon unpacker which you can grab here:
which could open the .gob files,
right first go to game data folder on disk 1 then copy the controls, episodes and resource folders to where you want on to the hardrive "eg:c:\jedi", then go back to the game data folder then go into the exe folder and copy other the files from there into the folder you copied the other folders too earlyer,
right then install dragon unpacker then once its installed run it then go to file open then browse to the miniinstall folder in the game data folder, right there are 2 gob files here one for low end files and the other one is for the highend most people whould probley want better graphics and sound so open the RES1HI.GOB and right notice in the left colum it has the name of the file you openedwith a plus sign next to it.
Right hit that and you noticed free folders now before you extract go back to the jedi folder on your hardrive and create three folders to match the names of the ones in the program, then go back to the program click on the first one which should be sound then right click and tell it to extract to then browse to the folder you created for it and click extract then do that for the other two and your done.
double click on the exe and enjoy.

hopethly i explaned that ok.
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