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Two days ago

Atton Rand arrived at the Trayus Core. He could see Sera Tana in front of him. She wore black robes and she meditated peacefully in the heart of the Malachor. He knew that his loyalties no longer lied with her. He had served the Sith before and he was serving them again. Sera was a Sith.

"At last you have arrived," She began, reciting the words that Kreia, Darth Traya had told her.

"Yeah, I've arrived," Atton began, "Listen, Sera we've got to..."

"You're not taking me anywhere," Sera told him, "Assassin."

"Look," Atton continued, sighing, "That manipulative old witch has turned you against us. I can sense it, you've killed your companions. Bao-Dur, Visas, even the kid I don't want to mention. I've got to..."

"Stop me?" Sera asked, as if she read Atton's mind, "Come now assassin. You're death has been delayed for far too long."


Present day

Traya meditated peacefully once again, in the heart of the Malachor. She had been thinking about her companions, but she didn't regret their deaths. They were weak. They weren't strong enough to become Sith.
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