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The mission that was delivered to him was already being set in motion. Edash had gone onto Dxun on his Basilisk War Droid. Due to his Mandalorian Armour, Basilisk War Droid, people would know him to be a Mandalorian. The only problem was his Lightsaber...


On the hangar of the Rebellion's main starship, sat Silver Squadron's Leader, Kayara Othenbu, nicknamed Sticks by her squad. She was polishing her ship, the "Silver Surfer", along with her astromech droid, R8-S6.

"R8," Kayara said, getting her droid's attention.

"Have you ever wondered, if all these wars could just be solved by a little chat?"

The droid chirped a few whistles and boops.

"Yeah, thought so. But i just think at some times, this all seems hopeless. We dream that someday, we can all live in peace."

The droid whistled in a low tone as in being sorry for her.
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