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Originally Posted by itchythesamurai
Here's a walkthrough, you wild and crazy guy, you. Kloppstock, do you have any life lessons you would like to share with us?
"Referer Link Error" its says

i have accually check't Gamefags myself, the common thing in all walktroughs there seem to be that thei take for granted thath you can see the grenade launcher therefore..just use it,

the question this launcher placed in thath same screen where Sam & Max are performing infront of the director? ORE if i should have picked it up somewhere else allredy? i have not seen it
(i noticed that i hade a problem with picing up things in general) so i wanded to catch 2 flies in one post

a valuable life lesson is

- What is sin for you?

- It is when something you wanna to happend, doesnt happend
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