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Originally Posted by jon_hill987
It isn't going to happen any time soon. This war on terror is leading to a new dark age where science and technology will again be heresy. There are religious fundamentalists, on BOTH sides, that want it that way.
Yeah, Jon this war on terror really pisses me off, religious people don't seem to care about possible interstellar travel; traveling the galaxy and finding other ET life would mean back to the drawing board as far as their specific religions is of concern.
Dark Ages, when religion had immense power was a example of 800 years wasted time as far as for progress for our society.

This war on terror won't ever end, I don't think you can achieve victory on a enemy that wants to die.
If we ever do wipe al-Qaida out, there will still be terrorism, this sh*t isn't going away.
There will always be terrorist to fight,
Bush idea of winning a general war on terrorism is foolhardy.
But of course, the war must go on because al-Qaida and other Islamic extremists will try their best to vaporise the surface of the planet with a fusion nuke if they can't have a Islamic world.
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