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Originally Posted by edlib
Personally, I believe you to be far too optimistic in the time window for this, Windu...
Well, I perfer being optimistic then say that wonderful technologies like this, hyperdrive is centuries off, that kind of thinking is unacceptable to me.

Originally Posted by edlib
There too far many problems to take care of at home first before we can even think of extra-solar explorations. Not the least of which is the current socio-political situations already mentioned.
Yes, global warming is big problem we should take care of, but oil companies don't won't that problem taken care of because they will be ass out.
This problem need to be solve NOW and not wait 50 years as some fools say, concerning global warming
Originally Posted by edlib
My point about the power was basically this: If we can develop a machine capable of producing the types of power required rip the fabric of Einsteinian space-time and let us jump through higher dimensions, that machine will be hard-pressed to ever be used in that manner.
This hyperdrive mechanism suppose to extract energy from the Casmir vacuum(in theory), yeah money I know, I really hate that crap.

Originally Posted by edlib
We currently have more than enough trouble keeping the lights on and the AC running in places like California during a heat wave. (And of course, with our current power-plant technologies... the cooler we try to make ourselves, the more we may be contributing to the root causes of the heat wave in the first place...)
Well, I don't have that trouble, you must live in California.

Originally Posted by edlib
A generator capable of producing multiple gigawatts on demand (especially if it is clean power) isn't going to be willingly sacrificed to space exploration by the general public far more interested in survival and personal comfort.
Yeah, keep coming to these crossroads we will never leave this world.
We can't survive here forever over population were make sure of that; the laziness I spoke of, we got to stop saying space exploration is no interest now, crisis situations will always be, people can't keep making excuses like that.
We can solve all these problems now not 50 years from now; that belief is just laziness, oil companies can solve global warming, if they abandon their oil business but of course they won't dare do that because they care more for profit than the environment, no more environment, no profit to make because your ass will be DEAD.
For example in the 60s Moon exploration, our society lost interest in space because of laziness, we must not waste our time exploring space they ,we must invest our effort to solve problems here first, keep having that stance we will never explore the universe.
We aren't going to solve every single problem by staying here.
Another thing I have notice since their precious oil is runing, why the hell oil companies don't try to push our society harder or build their own space exploration company; Saturn's moon Titan has natural gas, most of the moon fluids are natural gas, why they don't go there, because they are LAZY.
Their laziness is destroying our planet.
They should give up on that black crap NOW.
And invest in in hydrogen fuel cells or they will be ass out.
With all the resources they have, global warming won't still be a issue today, if they give up on that crap.

Originally Posted by edlib
Once we solve some of the planet's pressing problems we may be able to put plans together to explore these types of things. But the resources needed to attempt travel of type you describe can't be put forward by a single nation. It will take a multi-national, and possibly a planetary effort to achieve these types of goals
Yes, the people on this planet need get over their petty differences and work as one and then we will solve all those problem you mention.

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