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Originally Posted by windu6
Gobal Warming should already have a solution blame the oil companies who put us in this mess.
It's not as simple as that. Most of our economy is built on how cheaply gasoline can be procured, produced, and sold with such availability; there's nothing else that really competes with it. Nuclear energy has hazards of its own, more so if things go really wrong. The other major alternatives like ethanol fuels tend to impact the environment just as much as or even more so than oil while being all the less efficient.

Poverty will never be solve, as along as
money exist there will always be poverty.
No, poverty will exist as long as materials stay limited. Money isn't a cause of the problem, it's an effect.

And I hate saying never but I just don't see that happening.
Torture! What the hell do torture have do with interstellar travel?
Are you kidding me, there will always be torture.
He's saying that we should probably focus on our ills before we spread them to other planets.

Hunger! Well, hunger problem exist because of money this problem goes back to the ancient times; profit making people don't give a damn about the hungry, but I don't see that being solved either, we will always have hungry people you can't feed everybody on this planet with food that Americans eat, or Europeans and so on.
People in prehistoric times could usually only predict their next meal to within a day or so, and yet they had no currency to speak of. What money does is it lets civilization remove the strict bartering system of "this for that" and replace it with the ultimately better system of "this for anything I wish".

Since, not many people aren't willing to eat the trillions of eatable bugs we will always have some in the 6 billion populous being hungry.
Overpopulation! Well, unless you are talking about wiping 100 of millions of people out, that is definitely is not going to be solve until some of us jump ship.
Nah, it could be solved, or at least alleviated, with more research being spent on increasing agricultural efficiency instead of, oh, interstellar engines.

Oh, not this warfare again, thats not going to end we will always have wars.
Only people who believes in utopia, will believe wars will end.
Actually, I propose that we build a global government with the sole central headquarters somewhere in Siberia. It'll be a very fancy and large affair, sure, with perhaps a million civil employees residing within the halls. The reason why it'll work so marvelously is precisely because the bureaucracy will be far too bloated to do anything, wars the least of them. It'll be bliss.

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