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Originally Posted by edlib
Well, all I can say is that I hope you are right and I am wrong about this,.. but I'd still be cautious about getting my hopes up. We are having problems enough keeping a sustained human presence in close orbit, let alone on the nearest satellites and planets to us. That stuff should be hopelessly simplistic compared to what you are talking about.
Still stuck in Earth's orbit, is pitiful and embarrassing.
Thats got end in this decade.

The fact that many of the particles and forces outlined in the proposal you posted are still strictly theoretical also makes me think we may still have a ways to go.
Well, what have got me interested in Heim's theory, because I just came aware of it.
Is that his mass formula predicted all the masses of all the elementary particles of nature and the values of the coupling constants: Value for creation and destruction
of messenger (virtual) particles,
relative to the strong force (whose value is
set to 1 in relation to the other coupling constants).
As the particle physictists say.
There is no other theory that comes close to that acurracy of 1 in 10,000,
not String Theory no theory.
Originally Posted by edlib
I'm hardly an expert on the math of this stuff, but I am pretty familiar with the popular works of Hawking, Michael Greene, and Michio Kaku (I am currently in the process of re-reading his book "Hyperspace"...) who are leading experts in some of this stuff, and none of them have ever given me the impression that they believe that we will see practical uses of any of these ideas in our immediate future.
Because their lazy and close-minded, but Michio Kaku is more optimistic than the rest of them.
Originally Posted by edlib
There may very well be different schools of thought in the overall physics community on this matter, but personally I'm gonna place my bets with what the generally accepted leaders in the field seem to think.
They are clueless about Heim's theory, Heim's theory is very recent he was working in private on his Quantize Geometry theory, because of his accident.
I think his theory is 4 years old respect to the physictists at large awareness of it.
The 700 page book about Heim's Theory was written in German, but the supporters of his theory are trying to translate it into English, I didn't know german was that hard to translate.
Also Michael Greene is a String theorist, I doubt he know jack about this theory.
He is to busy playing with strings.
Michio Kaku book Hyperspace, isn't about Heim's Teory its about M-theory,
I never read about Heim's theory in that book, but it has been a long time since I read that book so I have forgotten some detail.
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