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But Heim's idea is still just a theory, as promising as it might seem to be. Maybe parts of it could be true, but it may not fully pan out the way you think. Or it could end up being fully disproven. We simply don't know yet, it's way too early to tell.

You cannot simply approach it with a semi-religious zeal just because it seems to tell you things that you would like to be true.

Originally Posted by windu6
Michio Kaku is more optimistic than the rest of them.
Oh really?

And it seems to me that all these theories are interconnected, since they all have to do with the nature and the fabric of the universe... which is exactly what we are going to need to understand and overcome if interstellar travel is to ever become a reality.

I haven't fully accepted the idea that interstellar travel will ever become a possibility for human beings. The nature of the universe we find ourselves in may just forbid it. We just don't know enough yet. But wishing for it to be true won't make it so.

I personally hate the idea of the universe forever expanding until it eventually grows dark and cold... but all the current information we have points to that as the eventual outcome. I don't particularly like the idea but I have to accept it as the most likely scenario.

The fact that we may never be able to blip from solar-system to solar-system at will might also be the eventual conclusion as well. I honestly don't care for that idea any better... but I can't say that it isn't a possible outcome.

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