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Originally Posted by windu6
You must support oil companies; no environment no economy, got it.
Huh? You're not making much sense...

Until someone does a experiment taking money out of the system, we will just have to see who's right.
You mean like socialism?

If our society keep complaining about our ills, then we won't ever spread to other planets.
You can't just ignore them, you have to fix it. Our problems will be exponentially worse if we spread to other planets; as the old adage goes: "a stitch in time saves nine."

Prehistoric! I'm talking about the times such as the anicent Romans
I was simply illustrating how a lack of money will not instantly lead to a land of plenty.

That is just lazy talk, if the environment dies we die, how more clearly do I have to explain that to you, Tyrion.
There will be no agricultural efficiency, if farm lands don't exist no more.
Er, what? That's a bit of a, um, non sequitur right there. I was talking about how we should focus more on terrestrial research like agriculture instead of more fanciful expeditions like space travel. Environment falls under the former.

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