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Originally Posted by Tyrion
Huh? You're not making much sense...
So, you want, what?
We should keep using oil until that pitiful resource dry up in 50 years, by that time half the environment will be destroyed

Originally Posted by Tyrion
You mean like socialism?
No I'm talking about StarTrekism.

Originally Posted by Tyrion
You can't just ignore them, you have to fix it. Our problems will be exponentially worse if we spread to other planets; as the old adage goes: "a stitch in time saves nine."
We aren't going to solve poverty; there will alway be rich snobs, middle people who try to become rich, and poor people because society don't give a damn about them, everybody can't or won't be friends, poor people will always exist because the simple fact that sh*t happens.
Not everyone going to get lucky and live a normal life .

Originally Posted by Tyrion
I was simply illustrating how a lack of money will not instantly lead to a land of plenty.
Duh, I know that, I just hate money so much I'm just bias.

Originally Posted by Tyrion
Er, what? That's a bit of a, um, non sequitur right there. I was talking about how we should focus more on terrestrial research like agriculture instead of more fanciful expeditions like space travel. Environment falls under the former.
So, how long we should wait before we explore the Milky Way and the Universe.
A billion years, because if you believe most scientists it will take millions of years before we even explore our own galaxy.
That lazy belief is unacceptable, we are long overdue for exploring the Milky Way.
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