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He's saying that we should probably focus on our ills before we spread them to other planets.
Exactly. Humanity and the planet is, quite frankly, a mess. We're in 2007. We've existed for 200 000 years. Isn't it time we eradicate hunger and fix our Earth and make this a good place to live for everyone, not just the English, South Koreans, Scandinavians, Canadians and other middle class industrial nation residents?

If our society keep complaining about our ills, then we won't ever spread to other planets.
Worse. If society keeps complaining about our ills, we might actually get around to fixing them.

There is no reason to prioritize space colonization over our own world's problems. It's like being ill and buying a PlayStation instead of anti-biotics. Sure, it's ten times more cool than some boring little white pills, but in the long run...

Since, not many people aren't willing to eat the trillions of eatable bugs we will always have some in the 6 billion populous being hungry.
I sincerely hope you're joking. There's more than enough food for all of us. It's not just distributed properly. Basic social studies.

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