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Originally Posted by edlib

The internal combustion engine is less than 200 years old. Air flight 100 years. Manned rocketry and space flight less than 50. Reusable space platforms less than 30 (within my lifetime.)
Well, I'm not sure what is the complete history concerning ancient societies 10,000s years ago.
But, the Dark Ages, 800 years wasted.

Originally Posted by edlib
Given the entire timeline of modern humans as a species, this is a phenomenal rate of technological progress. But faster than that seems like it would be unsustainable.
Phenomenal rate !
More like a snail's pace.
Computer technology is the only thing that has been a phenomenal rate over the last 50 decades, in my opinion.
The internal combustion engine is too old it's way overdue, it's time to retire that technology.
Manned rockery should've been done and over with by now in 21 century.
The 60s & 70s should've been a period of manned solar system exploration.
If our society didn't become lazy after the Moon landing.
I just think outside the box, I don't close my mind or have the "it will take a long time" belief as others do.
I'm more like do it now, do it now and do it now.
But, our society is not truely sure if there was any advance civilization here before what we know of in the history texts.
So, the jury is still out on how advance we are.
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