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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Ah...yes. So, by an expanded definition, children can be considered slaves or indentured servants b/c they have to perform chores for their parents (at no cost or below "market value", ie paltry allowances).
Hahahah... you'd have to "expand" that definition to quite a ludicrous level to include your folks making you do the washing up, Tot.

But certainly, some parents force their children to do horrible things that do constitute slavery, all over the world. This is not up for debate.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
And then there's the prison populations. I suppose the government should have to pay them a union wage to stamp license plates or do other prisoners' laundry, etc...
Prisoners routinely get paid a certain wage for the laundry and other menial work they do, Tot. The fact that they don't receive a higher wage doesn't constitute slavery, because it can be regarded as forfeiture of pay due to their conviction in a state-sanctioned court of law. However, if a prison work-gang was ever used for genuinely damaging labour, as in the old days, this might well constitute slavery of a sort. You know the kind of thing, breaking rocks, digging in mines, etcetera.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
And God forbid anyone on the dole should have to do anyting in return for their "stipend" (just the thought sends some people into fits of apoplexy). well, no one guaranteed that life would be fair....
In the UK, Tot, people do have to do something to receive unemployment pay. They have to produce evidence that they've been actively seeking work to a reasonable degree, and that they have pursued employers and have accepted any and all job-offers that have come their way. As far as I've been able to find out, this is similar to the US system.

But frankly, all your points (though rebutted by me) were all irrelevant, and did nothing to counter my original point, which is frankly uncontestable. That slavery is alive and well all over the world, is governmentally sanctioned in many places, and is therefore legal in those places, regardless of the more... palatable name assigned to it by those governments.

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