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[FIN] The Sera Tana Saga--Short Fanfiction

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Welcome to the Sera Tana Saga Fan Fiction Thread. This contains all the Fan Fiction in this Saga. I take credit for writing this Saga, creating certain characters, like Nauk Grelan and Zor Krel and certain planets, like Maytarr, but this series won't make any money and I'm writing this for my own interests and for fun. The majority of things in this Saga belong to George Lucas, LucasArts, BioWare Corporation and Obsidian Entertainment. This Saga contains eleven Short Fan Fics, which are set before the Long Fan Fiction, which contains five parts.

The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction

The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fanfiction is a series of eleven Short Fan Fics, which shows the adventures of Sera Tana, prior and during Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

- Part I - Exile
- Part II - Zor Krel
- Part III - The Fallen Ones
- Part IV - Forgotten Promises (Part I)
- Part V - Forgotten Promises (Part II)
- Part VI - Duel of the Fates
- Part VII - Revelations (Poem I)
- Part VIII - Apologies (Poem II)
- Part IX - Apathy Is Death
- Part X - Joke’s On Me
- Part XI - The Wanderer


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