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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part I: Exile

Four thousand years, before the rise of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, a certain war ends for the JEDI KNIGHT, SERA TANA. Joining REVAN and MALAK in the war would soon mean the end of Sera’s life in the JEDI ORDER.

Before Sera is allowed to enter the Council meeting room, she will have a meeting with a certain JEDI MASTER. A certain master who she won’t meet again for a long time. A long time after the MANDALORIAN WARS


Sera Tana entered the Jedi Temple. The place she called home. The place she called life. The place she now thought as a place she would no longer be allowed to stay in, if exiled. As Sera walked through the corridors of the beautiful temple, Sera took her time in looking around. The Jedi who had remained true to the teachings they had learnt, paced around, ready to consult the Archives for answers about what to do next. Sera knew that she would never enter the Archives again, if exiled. She gripped onto her Lightsaber tightly, never wanting to let it go. The weapon she had used all her life would now be taken away from her, if exiled. Sera could only hope that she wouldn’t be exiled and be given a second chance. Her doubts of second chances dropped as she remembered the strict Jedi Master, Vrook Lamar. He would never give her a second chance. Vrook had never liked her. Sera had heard him talking to the Jedi Grand Master, Vandar about her being a mediocre student. It had hurt Sera’s feelings. There is no emotion, there is peace, Sera thought, trying not to think of the hard times she had had.

“Jedi Tana,” A voice called out, “The Jedi Council will want to see you soon.”

Sera turned around. She saw the Twi’lek Jedi Master, Nauk Grelan. Her and Nauk had been great friends, since they first met when Sera was under the training of her master, Jorran Corral. Jorran’s death, after Sera becoming a Jedi Knight, brought Sera and Nauk closer together. Even the death of Nauk’s apprentice, Quallan Devon, brought the two of them closer together, even though Sera had killed Quallan in a Lightsaber duel. Nauk had told Sera it was the right thing to do. Quallan had fallen to the dark side and he showed no emotion, but anger. Anger to the Jedi. He had killed many Jedi and Nauk believed Sera had given peace to those deceased Jedi, after killing him. Sera however, also regretted that. Would the wise Jedi Masters of the Jedi Council ask her about his death?

“Master Grelan,” Sera called back, as she ran towards him, “I know the Council want to see me soon, that is why I’m here.”

Nauk put his hand on Sera’s shoulder. He smiled at her.

“You’re very brave coming back here,” Nauk told her, “Most Jedi would ignore the possible exile by the Council.”

“Well as a Jedi, it is the only thing I can do,” Sera told him, “I shouldn’t have joined Revan and Malak. I should’ve respected the wisdom of the Jedi Masters and stayed here.”

“Calm young one,” Nauk told her, “The decisions you took have made you the person you are today. Go on, the Jedi Masters are waited and good luck.”

Sera smiled as she walked off, trying to hide her fear from the Jedi Masters.


The door opened as Sera approached the Council meeting room. Five of the wisest of the Order sat, waiting for her to arrive. They were all masters, Sera had known in the past. They were Vrook, Atris, Kavar, Zez-Kai Ell and Lonna Vash.

“Do you know why we have called you here?” Vrook asked immediately.

Sera sighed, hoping she didn’t sound rude. She knew that the masters already knew why she had left, but she decided to tell them. She didn’t want to look as if she was hiding something.

“I’ve come to answer for my crimes on Malachor V,” Sera told him, trying not to break down, because of the guilt she had kept bottled up inside for so long.

“As Revan summoned you,” Kavar began, “So have you come full circle to return to the Jedi.”

“Why did you defy us?” Zez-Kai Ell asked, “The Jedi are guardians of the peace and have been for centuries. This call to war undermines all that we have worked for.”

“Is Revan your master now?” Atris asked, “Or is it the horror you wrought at Malachor that has caused you to see the truth at last?”

Before Sera answered their questions, she thought for a while. Their questions made Sera feel guilty. It was as if she had done all the wrong things in the war. Vrook and Atris would be two of the masters who wanted Sera exiled. Kavar and Zez-Kai Ell wouldn’t be as harsh, however they were concerned, just as the other masters. Sera wasn’t sure about Lonna.

“I realise that following Revan to war was in violation of the Jedi Code - And I broke it, knowingly defying the wishes of the Jedi Council,” Sera told them finally.

“You refuse to hear us,” Zez-Kai Ell told Sera, “You have shut us out, and so have shut yourself to the galaxy. Know that there is no turning back from this judgment. It is good you recognize this. It means you will understand why you must leave us.”

Leave us, Sera thought, would they exile her?

“We feel that your true understanding of what happened at Malachor V will only happen in time,” Zez-Kai Ell continued, “And it cannot happen here, near the battlegrounds where you fought.”

Malachor, Sera thought.

“You are exiled,” Lonna told Sera, “And you are a Jedi no longer.”

“There is one last thing,” Vrook continued, “Your Lightsaber. Surrender it to us.”

Sera grabbed onto the weapon she had used all her life and ignited it. It hummed to life, showing a clear blue crystal. Sera walked forward towards the centre stone and forced it through the stone. She had no idea what would happen to the Lightsaber. Sera walked off, trying to ignore the glares of the masters.


“How did it go?” Nauk asked as Sera took off her Jedi robe, which was over her tunic.

“I’m sorry master,” Sera told him, “I was exiled.”

Sera could see Nauk’s disappointment, but she knew that he would be caring, unlike the other masters.

“Even though you’re exiled,” Nauk began, “You’ll be remembered as one of the greatest Jedi of this Order. I wish you good luck wherever you go and I hope to see you again. May the Force be with you.”

“So do I master,” Sera told him, “Take care and may the Force be with you.”

Sera left the Jedi Temple, which was no longer her sanctuary. Where Sera would go now she had no idea. Perhaps she would go to her home world of Alderaan and stay there, or somewhere else. Sera Tana, was a Jedi no longer.

The End

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